Poetry for the soul. Read on everyone.

By Lisa Bey
1522952755114-INNOVATIVE EYE-a1Who are innovative thinkers? We are innovative thinkers. It all begins with you. In meaning; thinking differently on so many levels we are by far forever searching to add something to make a work in progress stand out. By way of innovative change, it has come in such a vast way that it can be scary. It has paved the way to opening many doors. It can show you multiple incite how to grasp the unique trained eye to the building blocks to create great things. For instance, many of us do not have the patience to read long chapter novels in books but some people are gifted to read fast and finish a book of 200 to 500 pages or more in a day. The point is that you have taken the first step to becoming inquisitive; creating something and making it your own. This is part of innovative thinking. Just even working with your hands and creating all types of things start the process and putting ideas together in your mind shaping them and then bringing them to life is innovation. All and all being able to build something takes a great deal of skill and thought. Knowledge is born in every one of us. You just have to put it to good use. Our thinking progress and development of our thought pattern come from you; your brain. The brain is your engine. It is the controller of every organ which moves you. Everything you do daily; AM I RIGHT? I always say my mind is everywhere. Why do I say this? It is because I am always thinking. Even when I am asleep. Sometimes I even sketch out little ideas that come to mind. I am one out of one million and more who think differently. It never stops. This is a way of life for just about everyone. I say the mind is its own universe. Constantly pushing out thoughts. The day-to-day norm for you, I, and everyone are that this is our life source to create life and make a better world. Our mind is like a waterfall of thoughts rushing to come out. Some of you may not feel like this or what I might be saying at all at this point makes any sense. Just think for a minute. See the different things that revolve around you, like design ideas for your own home, your apparel; your own style of dress, etc. Your eye’s attachment is to the brain. We call this phrase “THE MINDS EYE”. What it sees is taken into account by what is real. Our thoughts are continuous. The eye is the perception that connects to your thoughts. It is something physical or even what is real to touch. This keeps us moving every day. Innovation is the process of thinkers and doers who sometimes spend hours, or days maybe months putting hundreds of ideas together to create something spectacular, and in turn, becomes a prototype turned into real products created by an inventor to a finished ideal invention. From one person or many people, innovation is the invention of man. I believe “INNOVATION” is a million-year-old word created before man has ever existed. I believe innovation stem’s beyond the universe. That is still in question; how does it work. Though “INNOVATION” is old yet it continues to create new fresh minds born to new innovators of today. It is not just a word; innovation is a part of humankind that allows the new generation to evolve to make decisions for a better world for the new innovative minds of tomorrow.