Support the innovative idea called “THE CUBE”

Help me support my project “THE CUBE”: 

To contact me my email: is or call today at 267-226-7233

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Hello: My name is Lisa Bey. I am a 57-year-old homemaker, entrepreneur, and innovator striving to build my online business at home. THE CUBE is something I have been striving to create since 2018. I could not stop thinking about ways to help save our environment so THE CUBE idea was born into an innovative concept idea for environmental change everywhere. Two years ago I began to think of ways to help save our environment. I dreamt about our water and food source, we could not eat or drink anything because everything was vastly being poisoned. Our entire planet was dying. The plain simple truth is I believe this can help fix our waste problem. I created and designed a concept visual and video on the portable compost unit that will crystalize all types of waste safely breaking it down. The drains and pipes will no longer be a waste dump. Garbage disposals will become obsolete and THE CUBE will become a way of life. Clean, easy to use, and most of all naturally a safe environmental unit. I hope to raise $20,000.00 to help fund my project and business venture to proceed to the next level to build, manufacture and market THE CUBE. Please help support “THE CUBE” Today. Thank you.  Signed Lisa D. Bey

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