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What is innovation? There are 101 solutions to innovation. I can think of one. Something physical you can see or even touch. Innovation is a process of thinkers and doers who spend hours, days maybe months putting hundreds of ideas together to create something spectacular which is being processed on paper or computer graphics, etc.

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Every product ever created made and prototyped as it becomes a real item a real product in use came from the inventor or inventors that have all stemmed from innovation, people who created those products or machines, and more.  “INNOVATION” is a million-year-old word created by man before CHRIST. In the world, as we know it; Innovation is the oldest founder on this entire planet. Innovation started in the beginning with the creation of this planet and maybe even the universe.  Museums all over the world show life’s history and innovative works that humans have been doing for hundreds of millions of years. Our “MIND BY DESIGN” exists in all of us. Innovation is growing and has become an important part of everyone. Its business is to continue to evolve and make a better world for every human here.
Though  “INNOVATION” is old yet it continues to create new fresh ideas with new fresh minds born from past innovators. Innovation is not just a word it is a life that allows the new generation to evolve making a better world for the newer innovative minds of tomorrow.

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